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Writing for The Geek Street:

Please read over our guidelines carefully before applying.

The Geek Street is primarily interested in geeks (that should go without saying). If you are not a self-proclaimed geek, you have to be geeky about something. Maybe you’re just a book geek, coffee geek, internet geek, TV geek, etc.

If you have checked the “geek” box, you are already a shoe in; but we also want people who love to write.

The types of writers we are looking for include:

  • Writers who love to help people (aka geeks who love to help other geeks)
  • Writers who are experts in their field (scientists, engineers, programmers, etc.)
  • Writers who enjoy writing in a creative and conversational style

We especially want geeks who love to write to other geeks.

Why Should You Write for The Geek Street?

This is your chance to put something on the internet and leave your mark.

Also, writing for The Geek Street could eventually turn into a long-term opportunity. Writers who have successfully written 3 articles for the site will be included for consideration.

You will also receive an “About the Author” portion under your post with a short bio and a link to your website.

Type of Content:

We want content that is interesting to geeks, above all else. If it is not interesting for you to write about, research, or it isn’t an article even you would read, it is not going to be interesting to our readers.

Think of the type of content you always wanted to see on the internet but could never find. The possibilities are endless.

Some ideas for content:

  • Tutorials, “how-to” articles, or anything else educational
  • Latest technology that no one has heard of yet
  • Latest “cool stuff” on the internet that no one has seen
  • Best products, gadgets, or gifts along with pros and cons

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and that is how we feel about the content on The Geek Street. Ideally, though, we would like you to have both (imagination and knowledge).


Absolutely no plagiarism. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism and any writer caught violating this policy will be immediately terminated.

You must known proper grammar and make very little mistakes in this regard (though we know no one is perfect and take this into consideration).

Little to no spelling mistakes. There are a myriad of spell-checking websites available so there is almost no excuse for spelling errors.

Stay on topic. There is nothing worse than not knowing what someone is try to say or trying to follow someone meandering from topic to topic.

Try to come up with an interesting title. You want a title that will grab the reader and pull them in.

Article length should be adequate for the topic− no more, no less.

Try to include pictures. We will let you know where to send them after your article is approved.

Try to use both internal and external links. Linking can be helpful and sometimes it makes no sense to write about something when someone else said it a lot better. There may even be a lot of cases where we have already mentioned something here on The Geek Street so please link back to any of our older posts. That said, we will not allow links to sites that do not have high authority. Also, we will not link to any of your sites except in your bio.

Try not to quote other pages as sometimes that can be “iffy” as far as plagiarism is concerned. Also, a lot of the time it is hard to vet information found on other websites. So, just don’t do it.

Submit Your Article:

So let’s get to it already…

If you want to submit an article to The Geek Street please use this form:

What Now?

We will contact you via e-mail to let you know if we decided to post your article.


By submitting an article you agree to the terms listed and understand the article will be property of The Geek Street. Submitted articles may be subject to editing and revision.