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Video Game Villains Inspired by Bugs

Bugs, bugs, bugs! Who doesn’t hate them? They can cause massive damage in your gardens, and even pose risks to your household. And do you know they’re present on video games, too? Yes! Some video game villains took inspiration from real bugs, since – as we all know – they creep us all out. Here are some of the bugs-inspired video game villains that we all love to smash, and kill, at least virtually:

Buck Bumble’s Mutated Bugs

Released by Ubisoft in 1998, Buck Bumble revolves around “Buck,” a cyborg bumblebee enlisted by The Resistance whose primary goal is to eliminate the Herd Army – which consists of a wide range of mutated insects from beetle tanks to hornets with stinging lasers. The mutant bugs are all out for blood. Equipped with different kinds of powers and capacities, these villains seek to conquer a garden and ultimately, the rest of the world.

This cult classic is iconic and was considered among the most challenging video games back in the day, but if you are terrified of insects, then stay away!

Bloodborne’s Garden of Eyes

This villain, which can only be found in Bloodborne’s abandoned college facility, Byrgenwerth, is among the terrifying enemies seen on video games. These once-human test subjects resemble the appearance of a man, spider, butterfly, and fly. They have huge heads consumed by plenty of eyes. If that monstrous appearance does not scare you, Garden of Eyes can inflict substantial damage by grabbing players and will run after you as close as they can get. Now that sounds frightening.

Fallout: New Vegas’ Cazadores

These creatures that resemble wasps, tarantula, and spider in one, are predators – and are deemed the deadliest in the game Fallout: New Vegas. The blue bugs with distinctive amber wings and blood-red eyes often attack in swarms of four and can poison their targets. Cazadores also have a varied flight pattern, which can trick players.

They are swift, and their venomous attacks usually result in “Game Over.”

Hero’s Duty’s Cy-Bugs

Cy-Bugs are the main villains in the Hero’s Duty. With their goal centered on devouring everything that comes their way, Cy-bugs are menacing creatures. Their name is a portmanteau of “cyborg” and “bug.”

These villains look like beetles or wasps. And though they don’t look as terrifying as other villains in other games, Cy-bugs can do as much – or even more – damage compared to other enemies on the list. The black, metallic creatures have six legs and round feet, green eyes and the power to morph into anything that they eat. They come unannounced and can crawl, hop, and buzz around. All they do is eat, destroy, and multiply. Their capability to mimic whatever they eat opens infinite possibilities of them having many sub-species and gaining various special powers.

Half-Life 2’s Antlions

Antlions in Half-Life 2 are easy to kill, but they will beat you before you do so since they always come in large packs. Add to it the fact that they come in five different types, which means how you kill them also varies. The most horrifying type is the four-legged Antlion Soldier, which can grow as high as three to five feet in height and six feet in length. The massive creature, which looks like ants with legs, can bite and headbutt potential prey until it’s dead. They also usually come in large packs. Aside from this, antlions can also take a ton of attacks and survive.

Donkey Kong Country Series’ Zinger

Those wasps that keep pestering you in the Donkey Kong Country Series are among those easily recognizable villains that are based on insects. The bee monster has wings, three pairs of legs and a prominent stinger at the tip of their abdomens. They can reach the size of Diddy Kong and have the capacity to defeat a Kong – which sounds frustrating since wasps should be little in real life and should cause not that much harm.

Halo Series’ Yanme

Unlike other creatures on the list, these bug-like creatures are not as dangerous and powerful. These creatures often referred to as Drones or Buggers, are carnivorous. They usually come in massive packs and escorted by Jackals and Hunters, making them more of a threat to players who have no shields. They can be easy to kill, but only if you found them alone. They usually come in massive packs and attack on all angles.

Borderlands 2’s Varkids

If you find fighting insect-like creatures frustrating, then this game is not for you. Varkids are insect-like villains that continuously evolve throughout the game, and each evolution meant you’d have to deal with an even stronger kind of varkid.

Varkids usually start in larval varkid form. If I were you, I’d kill them at once, especially if they are still in this form since they are the weakest type of Varkids. Aside from the fact that they grow stronger after every evolution, their lives and status effects are also fully restored after reappearing from the pod. You can kill the pod since they are way more vulnerable compared to the insect itself, but the pods also become tougher depending on their level of evolution.

Starship Troopers’ Warrior Bug

This video game is based on the 1997 film of the same name by Paul Verhoeven. The film and the game revolve around players’ quest to free the planet Hesperus from arachnid invasion. Developed by UK’s Strangelite Studios and published by Empire Interactive, the play tackles various enemies, including the warrior bug – the primary form of the Arachnid species.

The warrior bug is placed in the forefront of the battles since aside from its capability to crush rock, metals and several limbs with one attack, the quadrupedal bugs can also reproduce quickly. They are swift and can survive the extremes of environments.

If you want to take revenge on those pests you find in your garden latching on your plants, then go here. Vent out your frustration and smash these bug-lie creatures. But we can’t guarantee if you’ll be leaving relieved or more frustrated.

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