Best Websites for Geeks - Top 100

Top 100 Best Websites for Geeks

As a geek, you know the importance of a useful website. Where would you be without coding videos on YouTube?  Who would you ask geeky questions without Quora or Reddit? Where would you get the latest free audiobooks without Digitalbook? Where would you get your computer supplies and electronics without Newegg or your geek gear without ThinkGeek? The list is endless.

Here at The Geek Street we wanted to give you some of the best websites for geeks. We tried to include websites that provide free content (especially if it is a resource site). Some of these you might know, some you might not. One thing is for sure though, you will find something useful on each and every website. Get ready to geek out over these super-geeky websites.

The Definitive List of the Best Websites for Geeks

Best Coding Sites for Geeks

best and top coding website for geeks
  1. C++ Shell:  This website allows you to test C++ without having to download an editor. It’s great for geeks because it allows a fast and easy way to test some basic C++ code if you are in a rush or away from your usual computer.
  2. Python Shell: Similar to C++ Shell, this shell allows you to test Python code without downloading an application. That said, you can easily download Python right to your Mac, PC or Linux box from the same link.
  3. Codechef: The best feature of this site is the programming editor which includes over 4 dozen languages. There are also programming challenges, lessons and a coding forum.
  4. Stack Overflow:  Stack Overflow allows users to join their community and communicate programming problems with other members (other programmers). Through its Q&A format it is quick and easy to get answers to any type of coding question you may have.
  5. W3 Schools:  W3Schools is a must for any geek who has even a small interest in HTML coding or starting their own website. Primarily this site focuses on HTML, CSS and Javascript but you can also learn about SQL, PHP, JQuery, Java and Python.
  6. HTML Goodies: Similar to W3Schools, HTML Goodies is a great resource for all things HTML. Here you will find primers on HTML, CSS, Javacript, PERL, ASP, SQL and other languages.
  7. freeCodeCamp: Most coding schools are no longer free but freeCodeCamp still lives up to its name by offering free classes. This coding camp takes you from a 300-hour class in building responsive websites all the way to database design and security implementation. Altogether there is over 1800 hours of free classes. However, this is geared mostly towards the beginner to intermediate-level coder.
  8. Pluralsight (formerly CodeSchool): This coding site offers education for coders as well as a coding editor with over a dozen languages to choose from. There is much more paid content on this site but there is still a lot available for users who just want to keep a free account. Classes are available in software development, database programming, IT ops, cybersecurity and even manufacturing and design.
  9. Coderbyte: If you are looking for coding challenges to hone your coding skills this is a great website. Coderbyte has 10 different languages for you to choose from and then gives you a challenge based on that language. Languages include: Python, Ruby, C#, Java, Javascript, Swift, PHP, Go, C++ and C. There are also classes you can take as well as interview prep help.
  10. Topcoder: This website is mostly for advanced coders who want to test their skills and potentially make some money. If you know a lot of different languages, have skills developing apps, and know how to fix bugs easily, this is a great place for you to geek out.
  11. Hack.Pledge(): Although probably more useful for serious programmers, this website could be useful to almost any coder as long as they are able to commit to the pledge. You have to pledge to commit some time (an hour minimum) to mentoring other programmers in over to receive mentoring for members of this community. This means you need at least enough coding knowledge to be able mentor someone else. However, this is one of the best places to get free one-on-one help with coding and a great website for coding geeks.

Looking for more coding resources?

Best How-To Sites for Geeks

Best How-To and DIY Websites for Geeks
  1. TechTutorials: This website contains various tutorials for both computer hobbyists and IT professionals. There are tutorials available on everything from computer hardware and software to networking and servers. Even some tutorials on mobile devices are available.
  2. wikiHow: One of the best how-to resources on the web. The format is also great if you are a visual person. With around 20 categories to choose from this a pretty robust how-to page and should be useful for anyone.
  3. Instructables: Another great how-to sites that teaches you how to make things. Everything from technologies to crafts is available at this how-to site. There are even tutorials on how to make cosplay costumes.
  4. LifeHacker: Most geeks are already familiar with LifeHacker but we figure we would share it for the geeks that are not. This is a general how-to site with general life tips. If you are looking to make your life just a little bit easier with tips such as how to make a quick buck, microwave just about any food or even how to train your own neural network, this is the site for you.
  5. MakeUseof: MakeUseOf has a great selection of topics for computer geeks in their DIY section. For all the technocrats out there this is one of the coolest resources you will find for building the latest tech toys or starting an interesting tech project.
  6. eHow: eHow has a wide range of topics but is mostly a how-to site for household tasks or fun activities to do at home. This site is great for geeks looking for home hacks or cooking geeks looking for the latest recipes or cooking tips.
  7. Popular Woodworking: Popular Woodworking is a magazine but also has an excellent section on woodworking for those DIY woodworking geeks out there. There is also a decent selection of how-to articles for improving or fixing things around your home.
  8. How To Do Things: A general how-to site site with categories such as computers & internet, pets & animals, food & drink, automotive, finance & real estate and more. A great site for basic how-to stuff like tips for how to cook, tracing cell phone numbers and how to block pop-up ads, this site has a little bit of something for everyone.

    (I would start with the article on how to block pop-up ads or install AdBlock because their website has a bunch of annoying pop-ups).

Best Educational Sites for Geeks

Best Education Sites for Geeks - Math, Science, Coding, Videos, Lectures
  1. TED: Any geek who is not familiar with TED is not looking in the right place for educational material. TED is perhaps the best resource for the most creative and out-of-the-box video lectures on the web. Almost any topic you can think of is here from economics to religion to predicting the future.
  2. Khan Academy: Remember when your teacher would sit up in front of the class and lecture while drawing on a transparency? Even if you do not, this is how information is shared at Khan Academy. You get to listen to a lecture while someone draws on a virtual blackboard to help explain the concept(s). It used to be Salman Khan himself but he introduced a lot of people as the site grew in popularity and expanded. Their are now even some garden variety lectures with slides which are not as good but still helpful.
  3. How Stuff Works: is an excellent resource for grasping topics that you are unfamiliar with. The content ranges from common to complex and in 20 minutes on the site you will be able to converse with someone regarding whatever topic you chose to look into. This is great for geeks who want to keep up with their know-it-all friends.
  4. Big Think: Big Think is like YouTube for geeks. It features videos that are funny, some with out-of-the-box ideas and others that are more philosophical in nature. There are also articles on topics that are similar in nature but the best content is found on the videos.
  5. SkillShare: While SkillShare is primarily a premium site it does offer a lot of free content. The classes at SkillShare are really well done and you can learn a lot of material in a short amount of time. While this website still needs to broaden the amount of material it has available there are still a ton of classes you can take. Some examples include programming classes, learning how to build your own website or learning how to play the guitar.
  6. Stanford Courses Online: Yes, you can take classes at Stanford for free. Although some courses are a little dated the courses include: biosciences, business & management, medicine & health care, natural & social sciences, mathematics, law, engineering, humanities, computer science, entrepreneurship & innovation, human rights, environment & energy, design & creativity, statistics & data science, and education.
  7. Open Yale Courses: Similar to Stanford Courses Online, Open Yale Courses also has free courses you can take at your own leisure. That said, there is not a huge selection available and the courses are a bit dated. But, when all is said and done, it is still Yale for free.
  8. Alison: Another online learning platform, Alison has over 1000 courses available to students to take at their own pace. This is a good platform for geeks because of the large selection of IT courses available.
  9. Numberphile: Numberphile is a YouTube channel that has everything imaginable for math geeks to sink their teeth into. Every obscure thing that ever perplexed you about math is explained simply and clearly here. It is a great resource for those who are trying to figure math out as well as those who geek out over math. It even unlocks a hidden place inside that never knew how much it loved math.
  10. PBS Space Time: If you have even a passing interest in astrophysics or the nature of time, check out PBS Space Time. The videos on this YouTube channel will not only educate you on the nature of the universe but they will also send your mind into outer space. Science geeks, prepare to geek out.
  11. CrashCourse: Although CrashCourse has its own site, the YouTube channel is the easiest way to access these wonderful informational videos. The channel itself is self-explanatory, it’s like Cliff’s Notes in video form for those who want to learn about a topic quickly. You are not going to go to in-depth into material but you will leave feeling fairly comfortable with whatever topic you choose to delve into. The animation in these videos as well as the entertaining hosts (the best is John Greene) help to keep your attention while learning the material.
  12. Talks at Google: It is no surprise that Google, one of the brainiest companies to ever exist on the face of this earth, has some of the best lectures available online. Although they also have a website for the material the easiest way to access the videos is through the Talks at Google YouTube channel. The sheer amount of lectures available cover almost every topic you can think of and then some.
  13. CosmoLearning: Great for geeks with all the content available related to tech, CosmoLearning is another great online learning platform. Although some links direct you to YouTube and the site is not the best organized site on the Internet, this free online learning site still has one of the largest selections of material to choose from.
  14. DuoLingo: Want to learn a language but do not want to spend the big bucks? With DuoLingo you can learn to speak 24 different languages for free. For aspiring polyglots and language geeks.
  15. CIA Library: No one ever really thinks about going to government websites in search of really cool information but this is one of the best sites to learn about other countries, their leaders, intelligence-related topics and a myriad of other things.

Best Finance & Economics Sites for Geeks

best investing websites - best personal finance websites - best economics websites
  1. NerdWallet: One of the most reliable sites for reviewing credit cards, loans, savings accounts, brokers and more. You can even sign up to get your credit score for free.
  2. FinViz: A good site for investing geeks who want to obtain a lot of data on a stock quickly. There is also an area to build a mock portfolio, a stock screening tool and a premium area for backtesting stock picking strategies.
  3. Magic Formula Investing: Another great site for investors. Created by Joel Greenblatt who wrote “The Little Book That Beats The Market,” this tool allows you to screen for stocks using his “magic formula.” This formula has been shown to beat the market consistently. Buy a dozen or so stocks the formula spits out, sell at the end of the year and then repeat the process.
  4. Portfolio Visualizer: If you are an investor and looking for free backtesting and analytics tools, this is the one for you. Perform a factor analysis, backtest investing strategies, compare and test timing models, and even find funds to invest in using this free tool.
  5. Mint: A personal finance and budget tracker that has been consistently rated #1 by many websites and personal finance magazines. If you are looking to get a handle on your personal finances you cannot go wrong with Mint.
  6. Investment Calculator: A great tool to be able to visually see how the money you save and invest will grow over time as it compounds.
  7. The Basics for Investing in Stocks: Written by the editors Kiplinger’s, this short PDF gives the very basics of investing in stocks for those who are curious or looking to invest their money.
  8. Simple Path to Wealth: An investing blog by JL Collins covering a wide range of finance and investment-related topics.
  9. A Wealth of Common Sense: Another investing blog by Ben Carlson, CFA who talks about investing in a way that the average person can understand. Although mainly about stocks and bonds, Ben also covers a wide range of topics.
  10. How The Economic Machine Works: Ever wonder how the economy functions and what factors are at play? In this 30 minute video, Ray Dalio explains the economics very simply. That said, it is worth watching multiple times for the concepts to sink in all the way.
  11. The Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz’s blog that covers a wide range of topics related to economics, finance, and stock markets. There is also a lot of other interesting material you wouldn’t expect to see on a personal finance blog which makes this a really interesting read for geeks looking for esoteric topics.
  12. Truth on the Market: Mostly on topics related to general economics with a leaning towards legal issues related to economics, written by scholars, law professors and economists. A lot of these topics are important topics that affect Americans at large and most people have no idea about them. Important for geeks to follow for this reason.
  13. Ed Dolan’s Econ Blog: Written by Edwinn Dolan, holder of a PhD in economics from Yale, this blog focuses in on general economics. Although it was originally written with other economics teachers in mind, this blog has become more and more popular by economics geeks of all stripes across the globe.

Best Web Tools for Geeks

Best Webtools for Geeks - Best VPN Sites
  1. Express VPN: Express VPN is a fast and secure VPN. It allows you to hide your IP address and encrypts your network data so you can surf the web anonymously.
  2. Nord VPN: Similar to Express VPN but a little bit cheaper. It was one of the top-rated VPNs by PCMag and CNET.
  3. This is great if you want to capture a full screenshot of a page to post to your website or just to have for easy viewing. Instead of having to piece together multiple screenshots to capture a whole website, you can capture it easily just by typing in the web address of the site you want to capture.
  4. Fakespot: Every wonder if the reviews you are seeing are actually real? Wonder no more with this handy tool.
  5. TinyPNG: Compress PNG and JPEG files without loss in quality. Great tool if you are trying to optimize the load time for your website.
  6. Spreeder: In a rush to finish a reading assignment or looking to absorb knowledge faster? Try Spreeder and instantly increase your reading speed.
  7. TiltShiftMaker: This is one of those things that you cannot quite explain why it is cool, it just is. With TiltShiftMaker you can take any photo and view it from a new perspective as a tilt-shift style miniature.
  8. OldVersion: Sometimes programs were just made better back in the day. This site allows you to find old versions of your favorite software.
  9. f.lux: If your computer is not already equipped with the feature to change to warmer colors during the evening f.lux is a great tool that does this for free. Some people even find they like it better than the built-in feature on their devices due to the dynamic shift throughout the day as opposed to just one shift at night and one during the day.
  10. Block Posters: This is a cool tool if you want to make your own posters at home. This is for the thrifty geek who does not mind spending a bit of time piecing the poster together.
  11. Hunter: If you are scouring the web looking for someone’s email address or having trouble finding the contact email for a business, this is a great tool for you.
  12. AutoDraw: A great site to fool around on more than a useful tool. You start drawing an image and the site will try to predict what you are trying to draw. Best if you are bored and looking to kill some time.
  13. Freedcamp: If you are trying to organize a project with people at work, school or other geeks, this is a great free tool for project management. Create task lists, sticky notes, discussion boards, milestones, invoices, share files, etc. Everything you can imagine to get your project off the ground is here.
  14. Hemingway App: Not the strongest writer? No worries. With Hemingway App you can correct your mistakes in real time for both spelling and grammar. Great for geek bloggers who are looking for a bit of help polishing their articles.
  15. T4I: Also known as Torch4Ideas, this is a great site for brainstorming ideas with other people. If you are looking for an idea or would like to help others develop their ideas, this is a great community.
  16. Forvo: A pronunciation dictionary for geeks who are annal about the correct pronunciation of words.

Best Gaming Sites for Geeks

Best Gaming Websites for Geeks - Playing Video Games Online Free
  1. Steam: Any gamer worth his salt knows Steam. Steam is one of the largest communities for online gaming and includes both free and paid games. A great site for connecting with other for multiplayer gaming and chatting with other gamer geeks.
  2. GameSpot: One of the best sites for video game reviews, gaming news, and game rankings.
  3. IGN: Another great website for video game rankings, reviews and gaming news. There are also gamings shows available to watch here for free.
  4. MetaCritic: This website includes game rankings for almost every console imaginable as well as PC, Mac, and mobile devices.
  5. NexusMods: Game mods for PC as well as a forum and chat rooms to connect with other gamers.
  6. Twitch: Stream games you are playing or watch other gamers stream games they are playing.
  7. VGChartz: Latest charts on video game and console sales as well as the latest video gaming news.
  8. Niche Gamer: Excellent resource for video gaming news, reviews and videos.
  9. GameHouse: One of the oldest websites for downloading and playing free online games.
  10. Kotaku: Great site for gaming news, videos and reviews. Also includes a lot of links to other sites geeks would enjoy like The Onion.
  11. Armor Games: Another great portal to play free games online.
  12. Newgrounds: Games, news, audio, videos, art. All created by users and voted on by users.
  13. Game Front: A game mod and patch distribution portal.

Best News Sites for Geeks

Best News Sites for Geeks
  1. Ars Technica: Technology news, gamings, cars, IT and science.
  2. Engadget: Latest technology and product news and reviews.
  3. IT Toolbox: One of the best news sites for geeks with the latest in programming, AI, cloud, big data, devops, infrastructure, mobility, security, etc.
  4. MIT Technology Review: News from MIT about the latest in technology and science. A great resources for geeks who want to stay on the cutting edge.
  5. TechCrunch: Another great technology news site.
  6. All About Circuits: A good news site for geeks interested in circuits and electrical engineering. Also proves to be a good resource for education in circuits and electronics.
  7. TLDR Newsletter: Most geeks are familiar with the TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) acronym. This website provides news in a nice bite-sized format so you do not have to waste your time to keep up on the latest tech news.
  8. Slashdot: News aggregator specifically made for “nerds” on the “stuff that matters.” This is a great site because it is not just an algorithm for aggregating news but is also created and moderated by humans.
  9. Gizmodo: Great site for geeks with news regarding science, tech and the future. Also contain guides and product reviews.
  10. I-Programmer: A news site for coders.
  11. Science Magazine: Latest news in science as well as career news and advice for science geeks.
  12. ScienceDaily: News site for geeks about the latest advances in science, health, the environment and technology. Also has a nice section on the latest in computer programming.
  13. The Dailywire: A right-leaning news source that does a good job reporting the facts about stories accurately.
  14. The Economist: Left-leaning news sites with right-wing free market ideology that does a good job reporting facts and stories accurately.
  15. The Wall Street Journal: A right-leaning news site, mostly focused on economics and politics, that does a good job editorially and factually.
  16. NPR: National public radio is a left-leaning news site that has a lot of other content that geeks will love such as Radiolab, Science Friday, In the Moment (tech radio) the latest music, and information on arts and culture.
  17. Cryptonews: Latest news and happenings with cryptocurrency.
  18. Popular Science: News in science and tech as well as product reviews. Also a bit of geeky DIY.
  19. Live Science: The latest news in tech, health, science and more.
  20. Polygon: Latest in gaming news as well as the latest game releases and reviews.

Concerned about bias in the media? Check out these sites:

Media Bias Chart: A site showing the political leanings of the most common news networks and news sites.

Media Bias / Fact Check: A list of the least-biased news site for those interested in a more centric viewpoint. You can also sort sites based on whether they are left-leaning or right-leaning.

Best Anime Sites for Geeks

Best Anime and Manga Sites for Geeks - Best Manga News Sites
  1. Manga Tokyo: This site is for those geeks who are into anime and manga. Mango Tokyo features the latest in anime and manga news, anime and manga reviews and guides. The best part is that it is one of the few Japanese websites available in English.
  2. Anime News Network: One of the best websites to keep up with the latest news in anime and manga. There is an anime forum, a manga and anime encyclopedia and a ton of anime and manga reviews on this site.
  3. Crunchyroll: This site is one of the oldest and one of the best sites for streaming anime and manga. You can also stream anime and manga to your favorite device as they have apps available for almost every mobile device and gaming system. It also has some of the best anime dubbed in English. There is a forum available here too for you to discuss anime and manga with other fans.
  4. 9 Anime: 9Anime is one of the best sites for streaming high-quality anime. Not too many ads and a decent selection of premium anime and manga. One of the best features is being able to search your favorite anime by genre. You can even put in requests for shows you do not see on their site.

Best Geek Site Honorable Mentions

  1. Our World in Data: Amazing site with data and statistics on everything you ever wanted to know.
  2. What Should I Read Next:  What Should I Read Next is a website which recommends the best books based on data collected from hundred of users. For book worms and geeks who do not want to spend a lot of time looking for their next read.
  3. Qlock: Allows you to see the time of any place on earth. Also shows a cool graphic of where the sun is currently shining on the planet.
  4. Tech Republic: Another news site for tech geeks and IT professionals.
  5. The Verge: Tech and science news as well as product reviews.
  6. Techmeme: A tech news aggregator with human editing.
  7. New Atlas: Another science and tech news site for geeks.
  8. BetaNews: Technology news and reviews.
  9. Digg: Another technology & science news site.
  10. Ozzu: A forum for website developers and web designers.
  11. Computer Forum: Pretty much what you would expect from the name of the site. A great website for those looking for a forum for all things computer-related.
  12. Digital Attack Map: Tracks the latest DDoS attacks.
  13. Justanswer: Type a question and get an answer from a verified expert.
  14. Growth Hacking Tools: All the best tools to help you expand the reach of your blog or website.
  15. Latest in nutrition backed by research and science.
  16. SuperHeroHype: Superheroes, superhero movies, superhero news. Everything a geek loves.

Have a favorite geek site you would like to share? Contact us or share a link in the comments below.

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