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Top 10 Toys for Geeks

Buying gifts for your geek friends, relatives, or even yourself, can sometimes prove to be a challenge. When people are truly passionate about technology, sci-fi, fantasy or video games, it’s very common for them to already have nearly everything under the sun. Luckily for you the market of toys for geeks is an ever-expanding one, so it is always possible to find something that truly surprises them, or even yourself, and rest assured–we’re here to help!

We’ve created this list of the ten of the most interesting toys for geeks out there. All of them are guaranteed to delight fantasy fans, technology enthusiasts and computer geeks. Some of them will even appeal to people who are not into geek hobbies or toys.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s geek out!

The Best Toys for Geeks

Geek culture seems has been on the rise over the last couple of years. This means that now more than ever there are a million possibilities regarding what to gift to give a geek or what to buy for yourself if you are the geek. Armed with this geek toy list you will have all of the best options out there.

Here’s what we have decided to settle on as some of the best toys for geeks:

  1. LEGO Mindstorms
  2. Fidget Cube
  3. 90s Toys
  4. Nerf Guns
  5. Anything Apple®
  6. Star Wars Paraphernalia
  7. LEGO Sets
  8. Rick & Morty Merchandise
  9. Unusual Board Games
  10. Funko POPs!

Of course, there are many more items that could have been included in this list. However, even with just those ten, you will have so many ideas that you will never run into problems deciding on geek toys again.

The 10 Best Toys for Geeks

1. LEGO Mindstorms: Best Gift for Coding Geeks

LEGO Mindstorm - A Perfect gift for coding geeks

When you think about what interests geeks the most, two of them instantly come to mind: LEGOs and programming. Creating things with their hands is one of the preferred ways for geeks to spend their time. Someone in the Denmark must have realized that this was the case when they created a product that makes a perfect toy for geeks of all ages: LEGO Mindstorms.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, LEGO Mindstorms is one of the first coding toys ever created. These LEGO sets allows you to build your own robots (based on one of the many shapes you can choose from) and then actually program them to make them do whatever you have in mind. The first version was marketed in 1998 and since then it has always been on top of all the “best toys for geeks” lists.

What makes the LEGO Mindstorms so great? First of all, it’s made from LEGOs. Secondly, it lets kids, teenagers and young adults create their own robots in a simple, friendly way. However, don’t think that LEGO Mindstorms is just a simple toy, every set includes several sensors that allow the user to build a fully functional android and experiment with the basics of robotics.

Both educational and entertaining, LEGO Mindstorms is one of the best coding toys out there and perfect for coding geeks.

2. Fidget Cube: Best Gift for Geeks With Restless Minds

Gifts for Geeks - Fidget Cube - A Geek Toy for Geeks with Anxiety and Nervousness

If there is a trait that most geeks have in common it is an active brain. People who belong to the “geek” category usually have millions of ideas spinning in their heads. They are even nervous when everything is going well. For this reason, the Fidget Cube is absolutely one of the best toys for geeks.

The idea behind the fidget cube is very simple. Fidget Cubes are small cubes composed of various knobs and buttons that you can flip, click, roll, etc. They also come in various shapes, colors and sizes. You can then fidget, or play, with these objects on the outside of the cube whenever you are feeling anxious or nervous. They are great for battling stress too as the action of turning levers, pressing buttons and keeping your hands busy has a soothing effect on most people.

The fidget cube (a predecessor of the infamous fidget spinner) has evolved a lot over the years and nowadays you can find so many different options out there. Also, in battles of the Fidget Cube vs Fidget Spinner, the Fidget Cube always wins. It is a no-brainer toy for geeks.

If your mind is always wandering, or if you have a friend or family member whose mind is always wandering, this small device can be one of the greatest toys to buy.

3. 90s Toys: Best Gift for the Nostalgic Geek

SNES games for geeks - SNES controller

Most geeks either grew up during the ’90s or have used the toys created during that decade at some point in their lives. Most of them would die for a small throwback to that time, when technology was a lot simpler and kids still played outside or with their friends.

After all, who hasn’t enjoyed wetting other people with a SuperSoaker? What ’90s kid doesn’t remember the long afternoons playing SmashBros on Super Nintendo, or taking care of a weird pocket device called the Tamagotchi? Or how about all the hours spent trying to master the Bop It! Extreme? Or how about the creepy Furby? Geeks might even love the Star Wars Furbacca.

Toys from the 90s will always have a place in most geeks’ hearts, so if you choose to buy one of them for your geek friends, you can bet that they will react like the little kid that is still inside of them–and if it is a gift for yourself, be sure to wash all that nostalgia down with a Crystal Pepsi when you are done buying it.

Some other 90s toys ideas: Lite-Brite, Slap On Bracelets, Simon, and of course the Classic Gameboy.

4. Nerf Guns: Best Gift for Geeks Who Enjoy Living Room Wars

nerf guns - best toys for geeks - the geek street - nerf Gatling gun

Who has not owned a Nerf gun at some point? These fun-looking toys are perfect to get kids to spend more time outside and actually doing something physical instead of being glued to their screens. However, they can also a fun toy for geeks of all ages.

Due to the huge variety of Nerf guns out there it can be difficult to choose the best one. Nerf guns range from the very basic single-shooter to more complex models like the Nerf gatling gun and the Nerf N-Strike Stratabow bow. If you can’t find one that caters to your personal taste or that of the person you are trying to find a gift for just take the Nerf Gun Quiz.

Nerf machine guns, Nerf shotguns, even Nerf accessories such as Nerf vests and facemasks have entered the market in the last few years. Nerf has evolved from simple kid toy to a huge industry that will allow you to live a Call of Duty scenario without the need for a video game console, now if that is not geek I do not know what is.

5. Apple Stuff: Best Gift for Tech Geeks

Apple Toys for the Tech Geek - Geek Gift Ideas

Although it is now commonly associated with overpriced iPhones and work-from-Starbucks types, Apple is still one of the best technology companies in the world.

Older geeks will still remember the first Macintosh computers, created at a time when the bitten Apple logo was synonymous with programming and IT. Even after the changes the company went through though, Apple merchandise and Apple-related products are still very appealing to older geeks.

Now technically Apple does not make any toys per se but there are plenty of toys that are compatible with Apple products. Apple even has a “gaming and toys” section on their website dedicated to this idea. Everything from drones to musical instruments to a Harry Potter Wand coding kit is listed there. There are also Disney animation kits and even an R2D2 Star Wars droid inventor kit.

And although these are not toys, we would be remiss not to mention getting some Apple gear. Having an Apple logo cup, Apple logo t-shirt or duffel bag surely fits the bill as geek. After all, drinking from an Apple cup or wearing clothes with the Apple logo are some of the best ways to point yourself out as a bonafide tech geek.

6. Star Wars Paraphernalia: Best Gift for Geeks Who Live in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars toys and Star Wars gifts for Geeks - Star Wars Figurine

When you think of a saga that is synonymous with geeky interests, the name “Star Wars” is probably among the first ones to come to your mind. No matter if you are thinking about the trilogy, the prequels or the sequels, stories about the noble Jedi and their adventures in outer space have captured the imagination of several generations of geeks.

For this reason some of the best toys for geeks are those that are included in the Star Wars universe. From realistic light sabers to full on Jedi costumes, there is always something that appeals to every particular person. Even those who are not familiar with the saga will be delighted by the creativity of some of the in this category. Such items include the Lenova Mirage: Jedi Challenges, Star Wars Landspeed Radio Flyer, and Star Wars Millennium Falcon Kite.

And if for some reason you never watched the movie that have captured the hearts and minds of millions of people in this galaxy, buying the complete Star Wars series on blu-ray is one of the best moves you can make, period.

7. LEGO Sets: Best Gift for the Geek with an Inner Architect

Lego Sets and Lego Toys for Geeks - Lego Robot

Although we have already talked about the LEGO Mindstorm, one of the best programming toys in the world, all LEGO sets can make great gifts for geeks. And even if we frequently associate them with kids, normal LEGO sets are great toys for geeks of all ages.

Probably the best thing about the famous Danish company is that it creates LEGO sets that cater to so many different kinds of audiences. Due to this fact, you can find simple construction packs, challenges such as the LEGO Technic sets, or any other kind of set that fits the exact personality of yourself or the person you are looking to buy for.

For example, if you or your loved one likes boat models, why not buy one of the many LEGO ship sets that are available on the market? There is even a LEGO ship in a bottle, a nice twist on one of the most classic hobbies.

8. Rick & Morty Merchandise: Best Gift for TV Geeks

Rick and Morty merchandise - Rick and Morty hooded sweatshirt

If there’s a modern TV show that’s become synonymous with geek culture it’s Rick & Morty. The stories of the evil genius and his grandson have millions of followers in many countries around the world (if not all across the multiverse) and have inspired many gift ideas.

Rick & Morty fan art, toys, clothes and other products are among the best things you can buy for yourself or your loved ones, especially if they are part of the geek movement. After all, which fan of the series could resist having his own portal gun or a T-shirt with the face of Pickle Rick on it? You could even buy season one, two, or three of Rick & Morty on Amazon and gift it to yourself or loved one and save yourself a trip to the store.

9. Unusual Board Games: Best Gift for Quirky Geeks

Board Games for Geeks - 7 Wonders Board Game - Toys for Geeks

Almost all of us have played board games such as “Chutes and Ladders” or “Dominoes” at some point of our lives. However, if you are not a big fan of this form of entertainment, you may not know that the board game industry has flourished over the past decade. In fact, nowadays some of the best toys for geeks belong to this category.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about classics such as “Dungeons & Dragons,” casual games like “Munchkin,” “Bang!,” or “The Settlers of Catan,” or the more complex ones like “Descent,” “Dominion,” or “7 Wonders,” there is something for everyone. Even better, by buying a board game you are buying an experience. Board games are sure to create a fun night with friends and even a bit of old-fashioned socializing, perhaps over a game of Yahtzee.

Looking for more board game ideas? Check out our article on the “Best Board Games for Geeks.”

10. Funko POPs!: Best Geek Gift for Collectors

Rick and Morty Funko Pops - Toys for Geeks

The last item in our list is one of the best toys for geeks. This is something that you probably ran into before but did not know what to think of it. We’re talking about the Funko Pop! toys. These small vinyl figures are based on famous characters of different TV shows, movies or other areas of geek culture.

Nowadays, almost all toy stores sell at least a couple of the most famous ones. However, although these toys are usually very cheap and easy to find, there are some rare Funko Pops that will have you breaking the bank if you want to get one for yourself or as a gift.

From some superhero figures like Metallic Batman or Shazam to others based on TV characters like Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones riding one her dragons. Some of the rarest Funko Pops can cost several hundred dollars on the second-hand market. Furthermore, the most difficult one to get (a metallic version of Dumbo) is known to have been sold for more than $2000!

Of course, you do not have to spend that kind of money just to impress your geek friends. Just find out what specific TV show, anime, video game or movie they like and you’re sure to find a Funko Pop! that suits the occasion. And if you are buying one for yourself, well, you know what you like, there is definitely a Funko Pop specially geared towards your interests too!

Some Final Thoughts…

As you can see, finding the best toys for geeks does not have to be difficult. We have given you ten gift ideas you can use the next time you need to buy a geek toy for yourself or a friend. Which geek gift is your favorite? Please leave it in the comments and share it with us.

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