Top 10 Laptop Backpacks for 2019

Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks for Computer Geeks

Whether it is the latest laptop, phone or camera, every geek wants the newest technology or device. Keeping that device protected, however, is another matter altogether. This is why it is important to store your newest gadget in the proper place. You can start by choosing the best laptop backpack for keeping your gadgets safe and secure.

This job of keeping, storing and carrying devices is performed by a well-designed backpack. Every geek needs a laptop backpack or geek bag to carry their gadgets. However, choosing the best geek bag or laptop backpack is not always an easy task. Here at the The Geek Street we wanted to make that process simple for you by picking out some of the best laptop backpacks for computer geeks and gamers alike.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Laptop Backpack

There are a variety of backpacks on the market and the number keeps increasing with each day. So, how do you decide the best option?

Here are the top 5 things that you should consider before purchasing a laptop backpack or geek bag:

1. Price

Price is certainly the most important factor to consider before buying anything and a backpack is no exception. While you may want to buy the cheapest backpack you find, this is often not the best option. When it comes to protecting your fragile electronics you may want to spend a bit more to ensure you are getting good quality.

2. Safety

Backpacks with a floating compartment for laptops are the safest. This type of backpack can protect your equipment even if your bag suffers a massive fall. Conversely, backpacks with no floating compartment or sufficient padding are usually not secure enough to protect your devices and may put your electronics at risk for mechanical damage.

You may also want a backpack that has a place for a lock or has a lock built into it already. Keep this in mind, especially when looking for a laptop bag or backpack.

3. Space

Space is also a very important concern. Assuming you will want to carry your laptop, you will also need to carry laptop accessories such as a mouse, charger, headphones, etc. You may even want to carry notebooks, cameras, camera lenses and even an extra pair of shoes or clothing.

Try to look for a backpack that is not too bulky but still provides extra space. Also, look for one that has extra space without adding extra weight, you do not want to find out the hard way that you bought a bag that is too heavy just because you needed extra space.

Also try to think about what is completely necessary to carry around with you. Do you really need your virtual reality goggles everywhere you go? Only carry what you have to that way you can buy a reasonable sized geek bag.

4. Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects when buying a geek bag or backpack. You don’t want to dread carrying your backpack around because of the strain it causes on your shoulders, neck and back.

Look for backpacks with adequate arm padding and arm padding that is well designed. You also want padding in the back so the bag rests smoothly on your back. Additional features such as ventilation or cooling helps ensure comfort and reduce fatigue when using these products.

5. Durability

You do not want to spend a lot of money on something only for it to break after you buy it. You need something that can withstand the test of time. Backpacks with durable exterior are worth considering for this reason. You should also consider backpacks whose exterior are made of waterproof materials, especially if you live in a rainy area. Also look for a backpack that has extra protection on the bottom of the bag in case you drop your bag a lot or drag it accidentally.

Top 10 Laptop Backpacks in 2019

1. ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Laptop Backpack

top 10 laptop backpacks

Best laptop backpacks - top 10
  • An internal suspension compartment for your notebook
  • It has ventilated back pads, keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Water-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon
  • Slightly expensive

Are you a hardcore gamer who wants a backpack that fully accommodates you? Well, the Asus ROG Nomad is the perfect choice for you.

This backpack can accommodate up to a 17-inch gaming laptop. It also has a laptop sleeve with an internal suspension system that keeps your laptop safe even when you are on the move. It adds further protection with its lightweight, durable and water-resistant ballistic nylon to keep your laptop dry.

There is a dedicated hanging hook for gaming headsets and individual pockets for your keyboard, mouse, camera, adapters and cables. A media pocket is available for easy access to your phone or music device. It also has a detachable carabiner for your keys or USB drive.

It is made with generous padding which allows you to carry heavier hardware without having to feel the strain on your shoulders or neck. The back padding is also ventilated to keep you from sweating while carrying around your load. It is also designed internally with ergonomics considered for better weight distribution.

  • An internal suspension compartment which is designed to keep your notebook safe even when you are on the move
  • It has ventilated back pads which are designed to keep you cool and comfortable
  • Water resistant 1680D ballistic nylon (the best material for ensuring the safety of your equipment)

The Tech Geek’s Thoughts: This is my favorite backpack. It is stylish and versatile. It also keeps your computer safe. What I like most about this backpack is its ventilation system and shoulder pads. The ventilation will prevent you from sweating and the shoulder pads prevent unnecessary strain on your neck or shoulders.

2. Lenovo Legion Armored Gaming Backpack

best laptop backpacks

Best laptop back packs for your notebook
  • Extremely affordable
  • Offers superior external protection
  • Unique style with vinyl exoskeleton
  • Lots of storage and compartments
  • Bag is a bit stiff
  • Limited protection on bottom of bag

The Lenovo Legion is an armored backpack with a weatherproof vinyl exoskeleton. It is ideal for the gamer who wants to protect his expensive gaming laptop and not leave anything to chance.

This bag is great for the geek who has lots of gadgets and accessories. It has 3 compartments and 16 pockets. There is even an inside latch for your headphones or headset and a side compartment for a water bottle. The main slot for the laptop holds up to 17 inches (even 17 inch oversized laptops).

The back panel is compression molded and provides ventilation. Back straps are padded and adjustable. There is even a buckle for your chest.

This is for the geek who not only wants to protect his devices but also wants to make a statement.

3. Timbuk2 Rogue Geek Bag

best notebook backpacks

best laptop and notebook backpacks
  • Water resistant TPU exterior
  • External side pocket for water bottle (or U-lock)
  • Relatively inexpensive for military style bag
  • Versatile
  • Ventilated back panel
  • Bag limits backward tilt of head
  • A single large storage which does not allow for organization

The Tumbuk2 Rogue backpack is a must have if you want a military style geek bag. This backpack is made in typical military design and will hold up in almost any environment.

This military style backpack is perfect proof that you can mix style and performance. Its exterior is waterproof and it has several external attachment straps (for U- lock, carabiners, etc.) which makes it easy to customize. It also has an internal pocket that will hold up to a 15″ laptop.

The most notable feature of the Tumbuk2 Rogue backpack is its waterproof tarpaulin fabric covering the exterior. Not only does it look sleek but it also adds to the durability of the backpack and increases the overall protection of the contents inside the bag.

4. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

best travel laptop backpack

best laptop backpack for women
  • Affordable
  • Very stylish
  • Good for travel
  • Keeps your back cool
  • Two sizes (15″ and 17″ laptops)
  • Anti-theft security
  • Many pockets
  • Water-resistance could be better
  • Bottom padding lacks thickness
  • Some people have problems with the zippers

This Travel Laptop Backpack is a nice professional-looking backpack with a slim design. Good for college students or business people this backpack is made of durable polyester fabric and is water-resistant. It has a myriad of pockets and plenty of room to store your belongings.

The front pocket has spots specifically for your phone, pens, glasses and even a hook for your keys. The main compartment is good for books, coats, magazines, etc. If you need a spot for your umbrella or water bottle, the side pockets are nice for this purpose. The hidden theft-proof back pocket is optimal to store more valuable belongings such as your wallet or fancy gadgets. A separate hanging compartment exists for your laptop to keep it safe.

This laptop backpack has thick shoulder straps that will always feel comfy no matter how long your commute. There is also a ventilated back pad to not only keep you comfortable but also keep you cool. For travelers, there’s a luggage strap so you can easily attach the backpack to a suitcase. It also has a sturdy top handle for easy carrying.

Equipped with an external USB port, its great for charging your gadgets on the go. It also contains an internal charging cable. Comes in a wide variety of colors (ten colors in total) and is extremely affordable for its quality.

5. eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack 

best professional laptop backpack

best laptop backpacks and best notebook backpacks
  • Extremely stylish
  • Streamlined design
  • Easy to access compartments
  • Excellent organization
  • Great design
  • Slightly expensive
  • Will not hold laptops over 17″

The eBags Profession Laptop Backpack the best backpack for students and commuters. It is durable yet it has a sophisticated and simple streamlined design. The interior is also surprisingly spacious for a “junior backpack.” This geek bag holds laptops up to 17″ inches.

This backpack has an internal sleeve for your laptop to make sure it is well-protected. It has a crush-proof garage for you to put your charger in for safe keeping as well. It is also configured very well and has an extremely well thought out organizational structure for holding all sorts accessories. All you have to do is unzip one zipper to have access to all your accessories.

For travelers there is both a side and top handle for easy carrying. It also has a back sleeve to slide over the handle of your rollable luggage. The back panel is also ventilated so you do not have to worry about sweating when walking to and from your flight.

If you need a combination of both style and efficiency then this is certainly the backpack for you.

6. STM Haven Backpack

best laptop backpack for laptop protection

best laptop bag
  • One of the best laptop protection mechanisms
  • Scratch protection
  • 3D foam cores add ventilation
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Lots of pockets
  • Reasonably priced
  • Can only carry up to 15″ laptops

The STM Haven laptop bag is uniquely designed to cater to both usability and style. The backpack is designed to accommodate laptop sizes up to 15 inches. The sleek design does not compromise its carrying capacity and additional features.

This geek bag has an elevated platform which keeps your laptop suspended while you are on the move. The suspension keeps your laptop very safe, so much so that your laptop is not likely to get damaged even if the backpack is dropped on the floor. 

The full length lining of the interior also helps in keeping your device free from scratches. It also has an internal fleece lined pocket for sunglasses as well as an external pocket for a water bottle. There is also an internal document sleeve for important papers.

7. Pacsafe Venturesafe Backpack (Anti-Theft)

best laptop bags
best laptop and notebook backpacks
  • Turnlock security hooks prevent bag theft
  • Slashguard (guards from cut and run)
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Zip clip protects against pickpocketing
  • Padded and suspended sleeve for laptop
  • Adjustable straps help it fit all shapes and sizes
  • Great size for a carry-on bag
  • Can only hold up to 13″ laptops
  • Durability could be better

This PacSafe VentureSafe backpack is well known for its state of the art anti-theft features. It has an eXomesh slashguard which protects your bag from bag slashers from the front, side and bottom. The shoulder straps are also slashproof with embedded steel wires. There is also an RFID blocking pocket in the bag to keep any sensitive personal data safe such as e-passports, credit cards, ID cards, and key cards.

One of the coolest anti-theft features on this backpack is the turn and lock security hooks and smart zippers. You can hook your bag to a secure fixture and it cannot be easily unhooked. The smart zippers can be easily secured so that they cannot be easily accessed.

This bag has a padded shoulder straps which reduces the strain on your arms and shoulders if you are carrying a heavy load. The back support is also heavily padded and soft.

Accommodates up to 13- inch laptops and has a suspended sleeve so laptop is stored securely in place and protected from drops.

8. Herschel Little America Backpack

best laptop backpacks for school

best laptop and notebook backpacks for school
  • Highly stylish
  • Padded and fleece lined laptop sleeve
  • Comfortable back padding
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Not great for gamers
  • Pocket organization a bit lacking

The Herschel Little America Backpack is a popular mountaineering style backpack and extremely versatile. Not only is it good for carrying around your laptop but its great for books, binders, clothes, shoes, etc. Its polyester material is very durable and it has a unique characteristic fabric liner that adds its style.

This backpack has magnetic strap closures with metal pin clips. It also contains an internal media pocket with headphone port. The main opening can also be kept closed tight with a drawstring.

The padded air mesh straps keep you comfortable and cool. This bag is water resistant but not waterproof.

9. Swissgear ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

best laptop backpack for airport

best laptop and notebook backpacks for airport
  • Padded strap for different size laptops
  • Extra roomy (can hold a lot of gear)
  • Easy to carry
  • Great for travelers with lay-flat technology
  • Affordable for its quality
  • Some confusion on fit of laptop (indicates fit of up to 15″ laptop)

The design for ScanSmart Laptop Backpack is impressive to say the least. The padded top handle is made of a durable heavy-duty plastic which is held in place by plastic rivets. The shoulder straps are well-padded and their contoured design is ergonomic to ensure maximum comfort. There is also a padded back panel with air flow mesh fabric for back ventilation.

This backpack has 3 main pockets which differ in size. The main pocket is padded and designed for laptop protection. The second pocket is designed to safely store and secure a tablet. An integrated pocket is available for cords and chargers and can be easily accessed through the backpack’s ports.

It is also great for travelers with the backpack’s lay-flat technology. This design allows laptop-in-case scanning so you can get through TSA X-ray machines easily and without a hassle.


10. Thule Paramount Daypack

best laptop daypack

best daypack laptop backpacks
  • Excellent laptop protection
  • Versatile
  • Lots of storage
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • Comfortable padding
  • Not super stylish
  • Bit pricey

The Thule Paramount Daypack backpack offers great protection for your laptop. With its dual-density laptop sleeve equipped with “safe corner” protection, it offers a lot of safety for your laptop. The durable nylon exterior is also water resistant which offers further protection for your electronics.

This bag is large enough to accommodate up to a 15 inch laptop. It has two main compartments, one for your laptop and one for your tablet. It has 5 outside zippered compartments and 3 inside zippered compartments. It also has a highly visible front interior pocket for easy access and storage of accessories. The rolltop compartment on the top allows for expansion if extra space is needed.

Thick padded shoulder straps and back pad help cushion whatever load you are carrying. This proves to be a great backpack for city commuters and an excellent overnight bag as well.

Qualities of the Best Laptop Backpacks

1. Packability

If you’re looking for the best laptop backpack, you want to find a backpack that is easy to pack. A travel backpack will be easier and more convenient to pack and unpack. Travel backpacks have a front zipper which allows opening the whole bag to view what is inside.

Recreational backpacks are nice if you have a coat you want to stuff into your backpack but it has low packability. You generally have to dig around to find whatever you need and it ends up just being more frustrating than need be.

Backpacks that can lay flat and allow you to open them and see all the contents inside are the best in terms of packability. Not only can you see all the compartments to fill them, it’s also easy to see them when you need to get things out of your backpack.

Also, be sure to find a backpack with lots of compartments as well as a separate compartment specifically designed for your laptop. The best compartment is one that is free-floating and offers shock protection for your laptop in case the bag is dropped. It also helps to have a hard-shelled or hard bottom backpack in case of an accident as well.

2. Portability / Travel-Ability

Portability is also key in the best laptop backpacks. Think about what you intend on using the backpack for. If it’s just for getting your laptop to and from class, and you don’t walk a long distance, it won’t matter if it’s a little bit on the heavy side. However, if you walk a long way to class or across town to get to the local coffee shop, you will want a backpack with high travel-ability.

High portability backpacks are light weight and comfortable on the shoulders and neck. Some of the best laptop backpacks offer padded shoulder straps and a padded back. Also, be sure to look for a backpack that hangs down when full rather than back. This means that you don’t want a backpack that pulls you backward, or one that you have to fight. There are also some backpacks with an adjustable torso, which is also nice for taking the strain off your back.

When you first get your backpack, fill it with all the items you usually carry. Also, add a few heavy books just to see how it feels when it is jam-packed. If it pulls you backwards or doesn’t feel comfortable to walk around with in the house, return it and get another one. There are enough things that add discomfort to life, your backpack should not be one of them.

3. Other Common Features

There are also a variety of other common features to look out for in the best laptop backpacks. Some of these are more obvious and some less than obvious. If you travel a lot, be sure to look for one that is checkpoint-friendly or carry-on size. You don’t want to run into any surprises when you are late for a flight and find out something’s wrong. Also, a backpack with wheels can be convenient too if you don’t feel like wearing your bag at the airport.

Another thing to look for is specific compartments for various gadgets you might carry. If you carry a phone and iPad, look for a backpack that has specific compartments designed for these gadgets. As mentioned before, you will want a laptop backpack with a specially designed laptop compartment too. Also, don’t forget about power packs, wallet, keys, etc. Many laptop backpacks have special spots for these items too.

Security was mentioned previously in the article, but this should be reiterated because it’s so important. If your location is crowded or if you’re in an area with a high crime rate, be sure to buy a laptop backpack with security features. Some have locks, others have pickpocket protection, and some even come equipped with slash guarding technology. Some are even equipped with RFID protection, if you’re worried about someone stealing your information.

Picking the Best Laptop Backpack or Geek Bag

Although you can carry your laptop or geek gear in any backpack, it is not wise to leave the safety of your geek gear to chance. Buy a geek bag that best fits all the qualities mentioned above such as price, safety, style, space, durability and comfort. Try to zero in on which of these factors is most important to you without sacrificing all the rest. You will probably have your backpack for a long time so be sure to choose wisely.

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