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Top 10 Gifts for Geeks

Getting a gift for the geek in your life can be difficult. They’re into so many different things and the things they are into you usually don’t understand. They’re also so passionate about every topic they’re into and usually have every single thing imaginable for that topic. Not to mention, they’ll notice every little detail of anything that is slightly wrong with any product.

Well, have no fear. There are still some universal gifts that appeal to almost every geek. Whether it’s a gaming laptop, clever coffee mug, or the latest Miyazaki film, there’s a gift still waiting to be given to some geek somewhere.

So don’t fret. Take a look below at the best gifts for geeks. You’ll find that special something for that special someone.

The 10 Best Gifts for Geeks

1. 13-Inch Laptop by Alienware (VR Laptop)

best 13 inch laptop -vr gaming laptop - Alienware laptop for gaming

Anyone looking for gifts for geeks cannot help but think of gaming laptops. Alienware’s 13 inch laptop is one of the best 13 inch gaming laptops around. This VR gaming laptop is equipped with a 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ processor (quad core H-class CPU), 32 GB (or 16 standard) of DDR 4 ram at 2400 hz, an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050Ti video card (now with the GTX 1060) with 2GB (GDDR5) of ram, 1TB PCIe SSD for booting and another 1 TB PCIe SSD for storage. It also comes with Windows 10 home 64-bit. Of course, all of these options are extremely customizable and you can upgrade or downgrade as you see fit.

Geeks will love this 13 inch gaming laptop because it’s one of the most powerful laptops ever made by Alienware. With a touch OLED (QHD OLED) display geek gamers are sure to be fully immersed in whatever game they are playing. This laptop is also capable of virtual reality gaming and will produce some of the best high-end virtual reality experiences for gamers as VR gaming evolves.

It also has biometric login with facial recognition as well as a keyboard that lights up in customizable colors (25.6 billion unique themes to be exact) with a steel back plate and only 2.2 mm of key travel, the shortest key travel of any laptop available on the market (it’s so geeky, it’s awesome). It also has great sound with a revamped speaker design (of some already amazing speakers) and a long battery life which lasts for over 7 hours of intense gaming.

At a starting price tag of only $1299 it is actually a steal. Add in some coupons that Dell is notorious for offering their customers and you can probably get this 13 inch laptop for close to $1000. Of course, if you get the base model you forego many of the great features that make this a truly stellar laptop. So keep your geek happy and buy all the upgrades on this awesome VR gaming laptop.

2. Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth Speaker

The Anker Soundcore 2 speaker is in a word, awesome. This bluetooth speaker is made from industry-leading technology such as Bluetooth 4.2, a battery life of 24 hours of playtime, IPX5 water resistance and two 6-watt speakers. Your geek can play music up to 66 feet away from this speaker and it’s even compatible with Amazon’s Echo Dot. There’s also a built-in microphone for for hands-free calling, access to Siri or connecting to Google Now. It also has an auxiliary line-in when needed. Anker also provides an 18-month warranty on this speaker. If your geek is a musicophile or audiophile, or even melophile for that matter, this is surely a gift he or she will enjoy having.

3. Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

Zelda BOTW - nintendo switch games for geeks - Zelda breath of the wild

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has probably been living under a rock. It’s perhaps one of the best-rated Zelda games ever and definitely one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch. It even won the Game of the Year Award in 2017.

This game plays in much the same style as any other classic Zelda game but being an open-world adventure, Zelda: BOTW offers nearly limitless possibilities. The premise is pretty basic, you play as Link, have to rescue Zelda, and need to save the world by defeating Ganon. But in the process you can climb trees and mountains, ride horses, bears, deer and moose, befriend dogs, create elixirs and roll snowballs down hills. It’s really cool how much variety exists in this game and it’s one game serious gamers will never get tired of playing. In fact, it includes over 40-60 hours of gameplay for your gaming geek (though some people have logged an astounding 600 hours!).

But be sure to point your geek to the Zelda Breath of the Wild cooking guide where you can find a plethora of Breath of the Wild recipes (for those of you who don’t know about BOTW recipes, shame on you). You can’t go wrong with this geek gift and with a GameSpot rating of 10/10 it’s surely a no-brainer for geeks.

For those gamers who do not want too much of a challenge you might also want to pick up the Zelda: Breath of the Wild Walkthrough, Complete Official Guide.

4. The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki (Blu-Ray)

Hayat Miyazaki Collection (link above links to Amazon and link below to Walmart)

No geek that I know does not know who the Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki is or have some Studio Ghibli movies somewhere in his or her blu-ray collection. This Studio Ghibli legend recently came out of retirement and plans on releasing a movie in a few years (3-4 years is the estimate) called “How Do You Live?” This will give your geek plenty of time to view the collected works of Hayao Miyazaki which includes fan favorites such as Ponyo, The Wind Rises, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Porco Rosso, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.  It even includes extras features Miyazaki himself as well as the pilot film Yuki’s Sun.

For those of you who cannot afford this collection (it’s a bit pricey, usually selling anywhere from $300-500) you can buy a cheaper DVD version here.  Although it is not in blu-ray it is actually a more extensive collection and even includes The Secret of Arrietty, which is my personal favorite. If that is still too expensive just download your geek some Studio Ghibli wallpaper and put it on his or her laptop as a surprise (but if you really love your geek just buy the Studio Ghibli blu-ray collection and be done with it).

5. A Genghis Khan Coffee Mug

Now I know you’re probably thinking… “Really? A Gheghis Khan coffee mug?” Yes, really. This is one of the best gifts for history buffs and geeks alike. Also, who doesn’t like a coffee mug? If your geek is a history buff, history lover or just loves to drink coffee, he or she will love this unusual gift. Khan you dig it? Genghis Khan (sorry, had to).

Runner-Up: Thermal Coffee Mug by Ingwest Home

This thermal color-changing coffee mug is great for coffee geeks. When cold the cup is not happy at all. However, pour in your favorite hot beverage (hopefully you choose coffee) and this mug quickly becomes the happiest coffee mug you own. This is one of the coolest heat reactive coffee mugs ever.

color changing thermal coffee mug - heat reactive coffee mug - gifts for geeks

6. Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

R2D2 Coffee Press - Makes A Great Gift for 2019

If you are looking for Star Wars gift ideas look no further. I mean, heck, what better way is there to fill a Genghis Khan mug than with an R2-D2 coffee press? (There is no better way is the correct answer). Star Wars gifts are universally accepted as some of the best gifts for geeks. This glass French press holds 32 ounces of coffee (4 cups) and is officially-licensed Star Wars merch. It’s even a Thinkgeek exclusive so it will for sure be a unique gift for your geek.

7. TAO 2 Tactical Pen

When thinking of gadgets and gizmos to buy for your geek, tactical pens are probably not the first thing that come to mind. That’s what makes this gift so cool and such a unique gift idea for geeks. The TAO 2 Tactial Pen is expertly crafted from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and was designed by a former Recon Marine (who’s also an award-winning knife designer).

It can write upside-down, after being left out in the freezing cold or even after being boiled in a pot of water. Oh yeah, it’s also good for self-defense too. Hopefully your geek will never have to use it for that purposes but he or she will sure have a fun time telling others all about it this amazing tactical pen. At only $19.99 this tactical pen is a great gift for geeks that doesn’t break your wallet.

8. SunRoad Fishing Watch

Sun Road Fishing Watch - Great Gifts for People Who Love to Fish

Not only is this one of the best gifts for fishermen, it’s also a great gift for geeks; over even better, a geek who loves to fish and loves fishing gifts. The Sunroad fishing watch has everything a geek wants in a watch. This watch has an altimeter, a Swiss barometer, thermometer, and is also able to forecast the weather. It comes equipped with a casting management function and even tracks barometric pressure in up to six different fishing locations.

Even if your geek doesn’t love to fish he or she will for sure be blown away by the amazing ability of this watch and all the geeky scientific stuff this watch can do. It also has all the usual functions of a watch including an alarm clock, countdown timer, and stopwatch. It’s even waterproof up to 50 meters (that’s 164.042 feet for you non-geeks). And if anyone tries to steal this watch that tactical pen will sure come in handy!

9. RFID Wallet by Dango

RFID Wallet - Dango - Great Gift for Military People

When thinking of great gift idea for geeks an RFID-blocking wallet is an obvious choice. The T01 Tactical Wallet is perhaps one of the best RFID wallets for geeks. This geek wallet is handcrafted from aerospace grade aluminum, has military grade bolts which secure it and weighs around only 2 ounces (about half the weight of a standard iPhone). It’s also a genuine leather, made in the USA wallet manufactured in the state of California. This wallet holds up to 12 cards, is TSA compliant and even has a bottle opener to top things off. It’s also just an extremely sleek and cool-looking wallet.

In addition to blocking people from stealing your geek’s data, this wallet is also compatible with the MT02 Multi-Tool made by the same company. The multi-tool is a high carbon stainless steel multi-tool that has over 14 functions. When attached, this multi-tool turns this RFID wallet in a true EDC wallet. Equipped with built-in hex wrenches that double as a smartphone stand, a nail pryer, a flathead screwdriver, a serrated edge for sawing, a sharpened edge for box cutting, a rope tensioner and a ruler, your geek is sure to love this multi-tool.

10. Yeti Cooler (Yeti Roadie 20)

Yeti Cooler - Great Gift for Father's Day, Birthdays, Christmas

As far a cool goes (no pun intended), Yeti is for sure one of the coolest brands around today. Yeti has garnered an almost cult-like following among the people who use their products. Yeti coolers are a must-have for geeks and just a great practical gift for anyone really.

I recommend the Yeti Roadie 20 as one of the best coolers for geeks. It’s a great cooler for travel and to take to a LAN party, Comic-Con, or a Lord of the Rings marathon at a friend’s. It even doubles as a seat for sitting down to play video games or board games. It’s even available to customize with your geek’s favorite collegiate sports team logo (see the Yeti collegiate cooler logos).

This cooler has some extremely geeky features like Permafrost Insulation (pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam), Fatwall Design (2 inches thick), and Rotomolded Construction (providing a layer of amor which makes it virtually indestructible). It can hold up to 16 cans of pop and over 20 pounds of ice. It is also estimated by reviewers that it can even keep ice cold for over 4 days!

While some people have trouble deciding whether to get a Cabela’s cooler vs Yeti, the choice is really a no-brainer- get the Yeti cooler. Also, if you are ever able to find a Yeti cooler on sale make sure you get it right away because Yeti coolers almost never go on sale. Feel free to leave in the comments of any Yeti cooler sales as well. You can also check out these coolers here as well.

Geek Gifts: Honorable Mentions

8 Bit Pixel Sunglasses

8 bit pixel sunglasses - glasses for geeks - pixel glasses - gifts for geeks

Pixel sunglasses are definitely for the extraverted geek or the geek that just does not care what anyone thinks. These pixelated sunglasses will for sure make any geek feel nostalgic about the good ole 8-bit gaming days. Perhaps he or she might even wear these pixel sunglasses to the next NES or retro gaming party.

Not looking to spend a lot of money? These are also a great gift that will not break the bank, selling for around $6.99 on Amazon (some sites even sell them for $2-$3). If you are looking for a cool gift for 8 bit gaming geeks, these pixel sunglasses are sure to impress.

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