Top 10 Toys for Geeks

Young adult woman looking at the toy robot - geek gift idea

Buying gifts for your geek friends, relatives, or even yourself, can sometimes prove to be a challenge. When people are truly passionate about technology, sci-fi, fantasy or video games, it’s very common for them to already have nearly everything under the sun. Luckily for you the market of toys for geeks is an ever-expanding one, … Read more

Best Science Gifts for Science Geeks

Best Science Gifts for Science Geeks - Science Stuff - The Geek Street

Finding the best gifts for science geeks can be extremely difficult. Maybe you have watched The Big Bang Theory or played with magnets when you were a kid, but those credentials might not be good enough to get inside the head of a scientist and figure out the best science gift possible. But fear not! … Read more

Business Lessons from Superheroes and Villains

business lessons from superheroes

When you think about popular superheroes and villains, you probably do not think about the invaluable business and finance advice you can get from them. While this is a rather unorthodox take on the comic book world, these characters demonstrate qualities and live by values that can translate incredibly well into the business realm.  Of … Read more

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