Top 100 Websites for Geeks

The top 100 websites for geeks. Everything from coding sites, gaming sites, web tools, how-to sites, education, news, anime and more.

Most Effective Ways for Lowering Your Ping

The most effective ways for lowering your ping when gaming. These simple tricks can help you lower your ping and win more matches.

Video Game Villains Inspired by Bugs

Bugs, bugs, bugs! Who doesn’t hate them? They can cause massive damage in your gardens, and even pose risks to your household. And do you know they’re present on video games, too? Yes! Some video game villains took inspiration from real bugs, since ...

Business Lessons from Superheroes and Villains

When you think about popular superheroes and villains, you probably do not think about the invaluable business and finance advice you can get from them. While this is a rather unorthodox take on the comic book world, these characters demonstrate ...

Roll Up Screens: Foldable Phones Have Finally Arrived

What do hippie scientists have to do with foldable phones and roll up displays? Good question... Electric flexible displays go back to the 60s and 70s when hot pants and bell bottoms were suitable for work. Televisions took up half the room ...

15 Best Educational Websites for Computer Geeks

It was in the early 2000s when Google eliminated the need for people to ask questions out loud. What is the best Python code to use for a complex data validation and regression? You Google. What is the difference between HTML and HTML5 ...

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