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Best Science Gifts for Science Geeks

Finding the best gifts for science geeks can be extremely difficult. Maybe you have watched The Big Bang Theory or played with magnets when you were a kid, but those credentials might not be good enough to get inside the head of a scientist and figure out the best science gift possible.

But fear not! Whether your friends are obsessed with outer space, chemistry, atoms or even weird animal species, there are hundreds of perfect gifts for science geeks out there. In this article, we will show you some of the best science gifts available. Get ready to surprise your science geek friends the next time a special occasion rolls around.

The perfect gifts for science geeks include:

The 7 Best Science Gifts for Science Geeks

1. Science T-Shirts: Perfect Gift for Geeks with a Good Sense of Humor

Science T-Shirts - Great Gifts for Science Geeks

We know what you are thinking, “Getting clothes as a gift for your friends is totally lame.” While that is usually true for most people, it is not true for geeks. The fact of the matter is that there are so many hilarious science t-shirts out there that you would be missing out on a great gift if you did not consider them.

Although there are many t-shirt designs based on science and science humor, most of them include either bad jokes or geeky art; sometimes both at the same time. What that in mind, make sure to select this gift for those geeky science lovers who know how to appreciate light-hearted humor and creativity.

However, the good news is that science t-shirts are becoming increasingly popular, so there is a huge variety for you to choose from. Whether you think your friends would appreciate a t-shirt of Pythagoras and Albert Einstein fighting or maybe they are AC/DC fans and fans of base pairs (AT:GC, get it?), there is truly something out there for everyone. Also be sure to check out this “5-Second Rule T-Shirt,” sure to get a laugh wherever it is worn.

If you think t-shirts can make a good science gift for science geeks, the best place to start looking for the perfect one is probably Red Bubble. Red Bubble allows anyone to upload a design to their website so there are plenty of creative t-shirts you never would have thought up on your own available.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles & Logic Games: Best Gift for Intellectual Geeks

Rubik's Cube - Geeky Science Lovers - Science Gifts

Being a science geek does not happen overnight, it takes years to accumulate the necessary knowledge. You will also have to cultivate a serious love for logic and rational thinking, have a great memory and enjoy serious challenges. That being the case, why not give your geeky friends a present that acknowledges these traits?

Jigsaw puzzles and logic games are one of the best gifts for geeks as they allow them to occupy their normally too busy minds with something challenging and interesting. Luckily, there are many options to choose from including some classics as well as some new designs that are guaranteed to please even the most demanding geek friends and geeky family members.

You can opt for a timeless classic such as the Rubik’s Cube, or one of its dozens of variants (some of them are even able to baffle those who are well-acquainted with the original Rubik’s Cube). Or, if you want to be a bit more innovative, you can choose one of the more modern jigsaws & 3D puzzles that have been built to be extremely challenging as well as entertaining.

There are many sites available for logic puzzles but for science geeks one of the best ones out there is Brilliant Puzzles. They have many options, everywhere from beginner puzzles to expert puzzles, all of which can be easily sorted. All of their puzzles options are extremely well-made and there is even a science toy section as an added bonus.

Some great brands for logic games and puzzle are White Mountain Puzzles and UGears. In fact, UGears makes some of the most unique wooden and mechanical puzzles we have ever seen which are also extremely aesthetically pleasing.

3. Science-Based Jewelry & Accessories – Best Gift for Fashionable Geeks

DNA Bracelet - Gifts for Nerdy Science Lovers - Geek Gifts for Women
DNA Bracelet

Who said t-shirts were the only science-based wearables? Is there any rule that bans geeks from looking good with some cool accessories? If you have a geeky friend or family member who also likes to dress up on occasion, getting him or her some science jewelry can be a great option.

With webpages such as Etsy or Amazon, nowadays it is increasingly easy to find earrings, necklaces or rings with interesting designs. You can even find ones that are made by hand. But, what type of science-based jewelry should you buy?

For those who love biology, chemistry or neuroscience, getting a serotonin, dopamine, or even a caffeine molecule necklace can be a very pleasant surprise. But those are not the only options out there: what about a bacteriophage earrings, a solar system bracelet or some DNA double helix earrings? It does not matter which branch of science your friends are passionate about, with these gifts you will help them to truly show off their unique passion and love of science.

Side note: If you are worried that jewelry only makes a good gift for women, we’ve got you covered. Your male friends will totally geek out over a science watch. Science watches range from periodic table watches to math equation watches and even a DIY watch kit (great for engineers). There is truly a wearable science gift for everyone.

4. Coffee Mugs: Best Gift for Geeks Who Cannot Live Without Caffeine

Coffee Mugs for Science Geeks - Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug
Caffeine Molecule on Coffee Mug

As most of you probably known, science involves long hours of hard work and focus. Sometimes this means staring for a very long time into a microscope or into a computer screen. For this reason, most researchers and scientists end up developing a loving relationship with coffee. So, what better way to show your love than to not drink coffee in style with an innovative science mug?

Similar to the types of things you would see on the geeky t-shirts mentioned above, science coffee mugs usually include extremely bad puns or cute pictures that are guaranteed to cheer up your friends the next time they need to spend a long day at the lab, buried deep in an Excel file or teaching physics to some unruly teenagers. There are many different designs available so you can find something that appeals to the personality of each particular individual.

Again, Amazon and Etsy are probably your best friends if you want to buy a science coffee mug, but Red Bubble (yes, the same one that sells geeky science shirts) has some cool science mugs too.

Know a geek animal lover with a unique sense of humor? Creature Cups may also be an option then as they contain cats, dogs, or other weird animal species inside their mugs such as dragons or hedgehogs. Yes, we said inside the mug…

Cafe Press is also a great place to find coffee mugs for science geeks. You can also design your own mug or t-shirt their as well.  Also check out these mugs and this R2D2 coffee press we reviewed in a previous post.

5. Board Games: Best Gift for Introverts

Board Games for Science Geeks - Cytosis - A Cell Building Game

Let’s be honest, most scientists are not exactly known for their love of parties or outgoing nature. You are much more likely to find them in a quiet environment enjoying a good cup of coffee or a beer in the company of some of their closest friends. This means that, in most cases, board games can make extremely good gifts for science geeks.

There are two excellent options you can choose from when it comes to board games for science geeks: traditional board games and unique board games. Some of the more traditional board games are perfect as presents for scientists as they encourage rational thinking and competition. Such games in include chess, Backgammon, Stratego and Trivial Pursuit. But there is also the option of buying unique board games which are not so well-known, like Settlers of Catan or Munchkin.

However, if you are truly looking for unique science gifts for science geeks, we have good news for you, there are a ton of board games specifically designed for them. With names such as “Photosynthesis,” “Cytosis: A Cell Biology Game,” “Virulence: An Infectious Card Game,” “Pandemic,” or “The New Science.” These board games are guaranteed to help your friends enjoy an interesting evening applying their knowledge in a new, creative way.

As is often the case with board games, the sheer number of different options available can be a bit overwhelming. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the choices another good option is visit your local gaming store and ask for help, as the people working in most of these board game shops usually know their trade very well.

Be sure to check out our post on the Best Board Games for Geeks, you will be sure to find some good board games for science geeks here as well.

6. Geeky Kitchen Gadgets: Best Gift for Cooking Geeks

Not everyone is comfortable wearing flamboyant clothes that show a love for science. People are also usually required to wear a uniform in the laboratory, a research facility or other professional institution where geeks tend to work. If that is the case, does that mean that you cannot get any science-related gift for them? Not at all.

If your geeky friends or family members don’t feel comfortable sharing their love for science outside of the home, there are plenty of household items that can help them customize their home and add a “science touch” to it. After all, why use a simple spice rack when you can have one designed to look like a chemistry set? What can be better than relaxing with cold drinks thanks to your new ice molecule ice bucket?

The options are endless if you know where to look. You can find cookie cutters to make atomschromosomes or a DNA double-helix. Or, what about a set of radioactive element coasters that glow in the dark? With these items, you can help your loved ones turn their home into a science lab that truly showcases their unique personality and taste.

Also, check out some of the Best Kitchen Gadgets for Geeks that we came up with.

7. Science Books & Science Fiction Books – Best Gift for Bookworms

Books for Science Geeks and Nerdy Science Lovers

Most of the ideas we have seen so far are geared towards having some fun and giving unusual and entertaining science gifts to the science geeks in your life. However, if you want to find something more serious, there is something a geek cannot life without: books.

Even in the age of the Internet, there is something about books that make them very special. Opening one for the first time, smelling the fresh right-off-the-printer smell, and getting immersed in its words is almost a magical out-the-body experience. And this is something that is probably doubly true for the science geeks in your life.

What kind of book can you get for your science geek friends? Luckily, there is no shortage of great material out there. Whether you decide to go for something more generalist, like a mass-produced novel, or you decide on something more unique that caters to your loved one’s tastes, there is undoubtedly the perfect gift waiting somewhere in the bookstore.

If you have no idea where to start, here is a short list of some of the best science books of all time, sure to please almost any science geeks.

  • Cosmos, by Carl Sagan. The author of this book is better known as the creator of the documentary by the same name. However, this masterpiece became an instant best -seller when it was released and it is one of the most influential pieces ever written.
  • Asimov’s New Guide to Science, by Isaac Asimov. One of the best books on the history of science ever written. Although this book was written several decades ago it lays the groundwork for how we got to where we are today in our scientific understanding of the world around us. This book can serve as a great review for geeks who want to brush up on their knowledge of general science and the history of science.
  • A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking. A prolific author and one of the most important scientists of our time, Hawking created what is probably one of the best introductory books on physics. Although a bit difficult to fully understand, A Brief History of Time is guaranteed to keep science geeks glued to its pages, eager to learn more about how the world truly works.
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari. This is the newest book on this list and also probably the most useful one. Sapiens does a great job explaining how we became what we are now. Mixing biology, evolutionary psychology and history, Harari takes us on a fascinating journey from the time of our first ancestors to the present day.
  • A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson. The book title pretty much explains this book in the shortest possible number of words. It could be easy to nitpick this book and point out all of its faults, asking questions such as, “Is this really everything?” However, Bill Bryson’s book is an ambitious undertaking and covers quite a bit of everything from the Big Bang to the present day. It also manages to read quite quickly and is not overly complex or big on scientific jargon which can be refreshing for science geeks who need some time to relax.
  • The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a mainstay in geek culture and an absolute classic. Filled with great British humor and the most outlandish scenarios imaginable, it is sure to delight even the most quirky science geek.
  • The Philip K. Dick Reader by Philip K. Dick. One of the greatest science fiction writers who is often overlooked is Philip K. Dick. His mind-twisting tales have delighted readers for generations. Geeks may know the movies Bladerunner, Total Recall and Minority Report, but did they know the author behind these movies? This collection of 24 stories is a great choice for science geeks who enjoy psychology and having their minds completely bent.

Be sure to check out our Top 5 Science Fiction Audiobooks, you are sure to find a science fiction audiobook your geek will love.

In Conclusion…

As you can see, there are so many options out there for science gifts. With this list in hand, you should not have any trouble finding the best science gifts for nerdy science lovers. Whether it is a unique t-shirt, board game, great book, or challenging puzzle to expand their minds, there is a gift available for every geek out there. Now, pick out the best science gifts ever for your geeky friends.

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