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Top 100 Websites for Geeks

The top 100 websites for geeks. Everything from coding sites, gaming sites, web tools, how-to sites, education, news, anime and more.

Top 20 Things to Keep in Your Geek Bag

Pack your geek bag with all the essentials, and then some, with these top 20 items. From the latest technology to retro gaming devices, you will be prepared ...

Most Effective Ways for Lowering Your Ping

The most effective ways for lowering your ping when gaming. These simple tricks can help you lower your ping and win more matches.

Best Music Albums and Vinyls for Geeks

Geeks usually dig unique and eccentric things, especially when it comes to music albums.  In fact, a whole sub-culture was created around the music ...

The Best HDMI Splitter

HDMI splitters come in all different shapes and sizes. Most common is the "one in, two out" splitter. This is the kind of splitter which takes one input, such ...

Top 10 Gifts for Geeks

The 10 best gifts for geeks. Everything from a gaming laptop to an RFID wallet to an R2D2 coffee press, we have curated the best gifts for geeks.

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